Seattle Sports – Sports Fans Beware


It is ranked as the 5th worst city for sports fans to live in. Seattle has the Seahawks which have never one a Super Bowl and only been to the dance once. The Seattle Super Sonics (O wait they moved!) and the Seattle Mariners. We have other teams, but no one cares about the Seattle Storm or whatever our hockey teams name is. If you are a sports fan I am going to give you some hard thought reasons why you should
beware moving to Seattle.

We will call the Seahawks the best of the bad. Before 2005 the Seahawks had the longest drought of playoff victories of any NFL team, going all the way back to the 1984 season. It hurts when you have some great seasons in the past 10 years but never finish. It is like the Braves unprecedented 14 division titles in 15 years and no ring, but worse. They have been better as of late making it to 2 NFC championship games in the last 4 years. But like most Seattle teams, they choked. One great thing about the Seahawks is Qwest field. I am not sure what Paul Allen did to make the Stadium so dynamic and loud, but it makes for a fun outing on a Sunday morning.

We will call the Mariners the Traders. We must call them this because of the horrible upper management and trading decisions. I can remember the days of Griffey, Edgar, Buhner, and Rodriguez. Only to see them all vanish within 3 years because of poor trade decisions. I don’t question age and injuries, but question managements thought process when Richie Sexson stays on the team batting a buck 189. Beltre is one of the highest paid 3rd basemen in the game, but can’t hit the broad side of a barn. In 2001 the Mariners marked history by tying the winningest season in baseball history with 116, only to lose in the first round of the playoffs. To be a fan of the Mariners you have to dig deep to find your soul. It lies in 1995, Game 5 of the Division Series when Edgar hits a game winner to drive in Griffey. If you can think back to those days you will still have Mariner blood. Until then stay away from the games because it is ugly.

We will call the Sonics dead. Since 2006, the city of Seattle could see the dwindling Key Arena and Supersonics fade away. We were able to see Kevin Durante a full season, and watch as young Ridnour became a good point guard, but the Supersonics Howard Schultz is a sell out. He was tired of the city, the arena, and the bureaucracy. I don’t blame him. Even if the Supersonics would have stayed, they still would have sucked. This is depressing in its own way. Goodbye Supersonics, we loved you for a while, and then didn’t really care. The Sonics obituary reads: They never fought, and only fled; they were bought by a red neck head. Thanks Clay Bennett for ruining basketball for Seattle.

I have vented my feelings about Seattle sports. It is great living in this beautiful city. The Northwest is gorgeous and there is plenty to find yourself rapped up in. Just stay away from the stadiums and the tube, because you will only be disappointed in Seattle Sports.

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