4 Secret Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing


Do you want to improve your golf swing. I think yes, otherwise you would not read this article. Well, as you know golf has become a very popular sport. And I mean sport and not a little walk around on the green. A lot of people are thinking that you do not have to be in a good shape to play golf. In my opinion, this is crap. Fitness is crucial if you want to improve your golf swing. If have listed some 4 basic tips which you can use to lower your scores.
1. Doing some sports outside your golf game. As I mentioned above fitness is important to get a good stand while swinging. I would suggest to go cycling or play tennis. Just something you are interested in. Fun is a big point here. I like playing soccer.

2. You need your own clubs. Try a few clubs that fits to your needs. Are you tall, then you need longer ones. Do not expect good results when you use your friends clubs! So, get a own set of clubs.

3. When you buy clubs you have to consider the shafts and the materials. This depends on your needs like height, weight and swing speed. There are quite a few more factors you have to take care of.

4. At least but not last, your mental fitness has to be good. Concentration during a game is crucial if you want to beat your competitor. There are some good guides that may help you. Some of my friends are doing yoga, but that is not for me.
I hope these 4 tips can help you to improve your golf swing. There are a lot more tips you can find. But if you follow some basic rules then you will lower your scores and your golf swing will be improved too. Just practice and keep your body and soul fit.

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