7 Reasons Why Abseiling is the Best Adventure Sport


A call out to all adrenaline junkies is heard as Abseiling rapidly becomes one of the most popular extreme sports in the world! Thrill seekers, extreme weekenders and the like are rapidly discovering why abseiling is a perfect excuse to test one’s collective sanity.

Abseiling, the practice of scaling a vertical surface is an element in climbing, one of the 18 land adventure / extreme sports. On its own abseiling is regarded more dangerous than climbing itself. Enthusiasts and hobbyists alike have developed a fixation for this land sport for what it has to offer.

So why do people find abseiling to be the best adventure sport ever!

1. Tremendous Heights – A component of climbing, abseiling completely shows you how high you have gone through a totally different method. Using familiar climbing equipment, you then take your nerve racking first step over a vertical edge that utterly brings you to a whole new dimension. With the vertical surface fronting you, it’s just vast space that only a soaring animal would regularly view.

2. High Risk Element – A primary criteria in all adventure sports, abseiling fills you up with the euphoria of one of the greatest adrenaline surges as you scale down vertical terrain 60 to 500 feet high, with only a harness and rope to support your full weight.

3. High Level of Physical Exertion – It’s not just all about dangling off, clinging onto rope and waiting till your feet touch the ground. Abseiling requires a lot of physical and mental coordination. As you are suspended, much effort is needed to avoid uncontrollable spiralling, or body slamming on the vertical surface. Abseiling uses a lot of lower body strength, during the descent, you use your feet and legs as support and balance.

4. Highly Specialised Gear – An underlying determinant of an adventure support, highly specialised gear is utilised for the participant’s survival during an abseil. Ropes, descender, delay-devices, carabiners, climbing harness, climbing helmet, anchors, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads make up essential abseiling equipment.

5. Pushing your Limits – Abseiling is an absolute activity to rediscover thresholds and break human physical and mental boundaries. Want absolute madness? Diversify and do a Aussie Style Rappel!

6. Less Beaten Track – The possibilities are endless! Not limited to mountain terrain, scores of abseil venues are abundant, complemented by spectacular vistas. Being such an accommodating sport, abseiling can have a venue as accustomed to a mountain or canyon or as typical as an old bridge, the tallest skyscraper or even colossal waterfalls. Every abseiling experience is entirely different from another, which makes each abseil something to look forward to.

7. Fear Factor – Adventure sports are perceived as being designed to impress people with the ability to do things that aren’t normally or should not even be done. This understanding is set to be derived from one main source of all human limitation – Fear. Abseiling has the capital “F” all over it. All the more reason to expect the ultimate adrenalin surge.

Abseiling is a fun and exciting extreme sport. As with any adventure sport; the euphoric high of an achievement is addictive. Abseiling is an activity that tolerates this craving. Abseil 100 feet higher or a venue wilder. The options are endless, all of which are high-wired and adrenaline packed! So why not give abseiling a go!

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