SGS Krav Maga is Southern Sydney’s head, Krav Maga, prepares focus and is more than a spot where individuals come to learn self-protection. SGS Krav Maga has drawn worldwide consideration for its strategy for preparing and the consolidation of innovation in its mentality towards preparing. SGS Krav Maga was evaluated as the Top Training Gym in the St.George Shire in the St George Local Business Awards.

Situated in Sydney, Hurstville district, SGS KRAV MAGA (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga) has been established to offer a sound self-preservation and strategies framework that is both globally perceived and regarded. SGS Krav Maga gives viable and reality-put-together self-protection examples based on respect to the educational program embraced by the main Global association of Krav Maga, Krav Maga Global.

SGS Krav Maga works classes taking special care of grown-ups seven days of the week, taking special care of understudies as youthful as 4 years of age directly through to senior grown-ups. Each class is adjusted to suit different actual capacities to guarantee all members get an intelligent illustration and a comprehension of Krav Maga.

SGS Krav Maga likewise gives a custom-fitted self-preservation program for essential and optional schools in the neighborhood part of the game and actual training educational plan which likewise praises the NSW Department of Education’s obligatory Child Protection Unit. This program has been very effective in restricting harassment inside schools.

SGS Krav Maga likewise gives preparing to the Military and policing, for example, NSW Police, and the Department of Corrections. sgskravmaga.com.au  likewise has a provided food division preparing those inside the security business. Numerous understudies inside SGS Krav Maga are forefront crisis laborers, like specialists, attendants, and paramedics. SGS Krav Maga additionally offers corporate preparation to little and enormous organizations.

SGS Krav Maga consistently rewards the local area for holding two women’s self-protection studios each year at no expense to the participants. SGS Krav Maga is enthusiastic about spreading great, reality-based self-protection and being a positive individual from the nearby local area, this was reflected during COVID – 19 lockdowns when SGS Krav Maga offered individuals to deliberately pay for their participation, while SGS Krav Maga delivered day to day video content for every division of the school (grown-up, kids, women, and youngsters).

Our educator group (all KMG qualified) is one of the biggest teacher groups. Our teachers all often venture out around Australia to prepare for KMG public occasions, guaranteeing that our understudies are getting awesome and most state-of-the-art preparation. SGS Krav Maga head educator positioned Expert level 1, has prepared globally and highway, and has additionally held various studios inside KMG Greece and KMG Cyprus.

SGS KRAV MAGA (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga) offers preparation to regular citizens using set classes on our premises or through one on one with one of our KMG Instructors. We likewise offer corporate self-protection and group building studios and preparing to key in danger associations.


SGS Krav Maga is situated in Mortdale, Sydney, and has been working in the St George Shire region beginning around 2014. Our energetic and talented group teacher group is here to assist understudies with accomplishing their objectives and beat their feelings of trepidation. Examples are intended to make them feel empowered, fit, certain, and anticipate the following meeting all while preparing in a protected, fun, and secure climate.

SGS KRAV MAGA is a KMG (Krav Maga Global) school, which offers similar nature of preparation and support as every one of the schools in the KMG network gives. Educators of SGS KRAV MAGA (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga) go through thorough preparation and choices which finish with the Krav Maga Global Instructor’s Course. This course is just educated by the most elevated positioned Krav Maga specialists from Israel and is the longest and most troublesome educator’s course that can be finished beyond the Israeli military. This guarantees that when you train with SGS KRAV MAGA (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga) you train with the most elite.

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