Dunlop Squash Rackets


Dunlop squash rackets are just a small part of the portfolio of products designed and produced by globally renowned sports company Dunlop. The company also supplies high quality equipment for tennis, golf and badminton with the addition of sportswear to compliment the equipment. Dunlop has a highly renowned reputation in the industry and has a 90% share in squash ball sales worldwide, helping to establish the company as a brand leader.

Dunlop Sport is a British owned company with various divisions of the company being run around the world with the brand as a whole being predominantly owned by SRI Sports in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Dunlop squash rackets are at the forefront of developing technology and are constructed from composite materials such as graphite. Individual rackets can be designed and build to focus on different specifications to ensure maximum performance for players at different levels of the game. Luckily the competitive nature of the sports racket industry means that the cost to the consumer always remains competitive which helps to keep prices affordable – great news for attracting and retaining new players and lowering barriers to get into the game at the ground level.

Nick Matthew, who has enjoyed sustained periods at the top of the men’s world squash rankings uses a Dunlop squash racket. Nick sees the benefit of numerous technological developments that have gone into the Dunlop Biometric Ultimate racket. It has a dense string pattern, a widened throat and long handle to help give the player the ultimate amount of control and feel. The oversized head, a must in the modern game, also helps to generate maximum power. The racket itself benefits from Dunlop’s Biometric technology. This is inclusive of HM6 carbon which improves the racket feel, Aeroskin technology helps the aero dynamics by delivering a reduction in drag and is faster through the air and the Gecko-Tac grip keeps your hand and arm in perfect unison with the racket.

Dunlop continues to be a major player in the racket sports industry and a trusted name with players at all levels of the game from the recreational player, to the enthusiastic amateur and right through to the professional tour players. It is testament to the quality of the rackets that many of the worlds top players, both past and present have chosen a Dunlop squash racket. Innovation and a commitment to quality will continue to drive the company successfully forwards.

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