Funny Basketball Sayings


What makes a saying funny? What makes a quote funny? In sports it is usually because it is outrageous, but there are other reasons. I will give you my top 5 funny basketball sayings or quotes, whatever you want to call them, and you can decide what makes them funny. So take a break from your daily basketball drills and practices and read these. And yes, if you were wondering if it is okay to have fun mixed when basketball, it is. Actually, it is fantastic. Isn’t that what the point of playing is? Now, when you are done laughing about these quotes get back to the court and be invigorated to bring your basketball game to the next levels.

5. “Some things you just can’t question. Like you can’t question why two plus two is four. So don’t question it, don’t try to look it up. I don’t know who made it, all I know is it was put in my head that two plus two is four. So certain things happen. Why does it rain? Why am I so sexy? I don’t know.” -Shaquille O’Neal

4. “These are my new shoes. They’re good shoes. They won’t make you rich like me, they won’t make you rebound like me, they definitely won’t make you handsome like me. They’ll only make you have shoes like me. That’s it.” -Charles Barkley

3. I believe in higher education. You know, 6’8″, 6’9″, 6’10” -David Games

2. When the coach of Marquette was asked on how to make the game more exiting he came back with this answer, “Eliminate the referees, raise the basket four feet, double the size of the basketball, limit the height of the players to 5 feet 9 inches, bring back the centre jump, allow taxi drivers in for free and allow the players to carry guns.-Al Mcguire

1. “They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.” -Wilt Chamberlin

I hope that these quotes gave your basketball game that extra boost you needed, especially if you were struggling. Sometimes the best medicine is laughter, so that is what I hope that I gave you. Some much needed laughter to help you game out and help you rekindle that love you had for basketball because of the joy that it bring to you. Yeah, and I have decided that what makes a basketball quote funny, something that all basketball players have experience. Like the last one. Everyone tells you that practice makes perfect, bla bla bla. Then that same person will tell you that no one is perfect. That can frustrate you, but if you are focusing on have fun, you will be fine.

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