I Can’t Say Enough About My Golf Practice Mat


Golf is an expensive sport and hobby. If you are like me, you look for ways to save money in everything you do. Trying to save money and enjoy golf at the same time is no different from anything else we try to cut corners on. For myself, I have spent golf cart loads of money at the driving range trying to get that golf swing that makes my friends squirm.

Golf equipment is best summed up by the old phrase, you get what you pay for. Golf practice mats are one on the best ways I have found to cut down on my golf game expenses. Instead of driving to the golf practice range, I have purchased a large assortment of used golf balls and hit them off my practice mat. Now I don’t have a large backyard to set up my golf practice mat, and fortunately I don’t need acres of grass to practice. I have set my golf practice mat up in my garage with a large net to keep balls from flying through the walls.

Practicing my golf swing anytime I want has been a great encouragement to me, and has helped me to build my skills. I don’t miss spending 10 dollars every other day to go to the driving range and my mat has paid for itself in less than 6 months. When I have some free time, instead of loading up my golf clubs and driving 15 minutes to the nearest practice range, I simply step out to my garage and hit balls until I’m tired. I have a set method of practice I use to help me with muscle memory and being able to practice anytime I want has greatly increased my swing accuracy.

My distance has increased slightly but the important part of practicing is my accuracy. It doesn’t matter how far I hit the ball if I’m hitting it from the rough or from under a tree. Getting to the fairway is a great boost to my confidence and I am enjoying my game more all the time, after all isn’t that what is all about?

When looking to purchase a golf practice mat, there are important things to consider. I use to be in the habit of dropping my club during my downswing and that resulted in hitting the practice range driving mat. I don’t know about the driving range practice mats in your area but the ones where I live are not very thick and forgiving. Hitting a fat shot on a practice range mat has caused pain in my wrist and damage to my clubs. What I love most about my golf mat is the thickness and the real feel when hitting down on the ball.

I can use real wooden tees on my mat because it is two inches thick, no more rubber tees you find at the practice range. Also because of the thickness of my mat and the way it is produced, I can hit down on the ball just as I do at the golf course giving me golf course like results. No club bounce when striking down on the ball allows me to practice shots at home that I have not been able to practice at the driving range.

With all of the golf practice aids out on the market today, nothing compares to actual real feel practice that you can do at home with your own golf practice mat. They say practice makes perfect, I don’t know if I will ever have a perfect golf swing but I can say that I am very excited simply to be improving more and more all the time. Don’t let the high cost of driving ranges keep you from enjoying the golf game you love, and don’t let the winter months put your golf swing into a deep freeze. Get a high quality golf practice mat that you can put in a spare room in your home, basement, backyard even out in your garage.

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