Mobile Paintball – How to Find a Good Mobile Paintball Business Near You


If you don’t want to play paintball in a paintball center, and would rather play at a location of your choosing, there are a number of companies that can bring the equipment and staff to you. In this article I will explain how you can find the best mobile paintball companies to ensure you have a good time.

Contact Governing Bodies

In each respective country there are separate governing bodies that oversee the safety and promotion of the sport. An example of one such body is the UK Paintball Association. Paintball business’ apply to the UKPBA and have to be checked and meet stringent criteria in order to gain UKPBA approval. These governing bodies then list all of the business’ that have met these criteria, usually by geographic region, ranking them in order of how well they met the standards. So these governing bodies are very good places to start to find mobile paintball business’ who have the UKPBA seal of approval.

Largest Paintball Operators

The largest paintball centers often hire out equipment and staff to you allowing you to host a paintball event at a place of your choosing. Some will be more experienced than others in this area of business, so it is vital to question and research their experience in offering mobile paintball services. You will also be able to cross reference these companies with the governing bodies to find out what centers have attained the highest safety and satisfaction standards.

Local Business Directories

Alongside the large companies there are smaller mobile paintball operators that can organize an event for you. One of the best places to find these smaller operators will be through your local business directories, such as the Yellow Pages. If you do this method it is essential to do thorough research into their safety records as the smaller companies tend to have less experience in hosting events.

If you are looking for a good mobile paintball operator, then these 3 methods above will enable you to find mobile paintball operators with relative ease. Just remember to do your research to make sure they have a good safety and customer satisfaction record.

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