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Online golf lessons are key to mastering this game without spending a fortune on coaches. What, however, can you learn from these sorts of lessons? Well, everything form how to hit massive drives to an intelligent short game, to longer putts that actually make it into the hole and don’t dramatically raise your score. Although online golf lessons are definitely key, consistency is what you’re after.

By consistency I mean this… every time you swing your 9 iron you know how far it’s going to do and where the ball’s going to go. Although golf is a game for thinkers, it’s a sport. That is there’s a tremendous amount of physical skill involved.

If you’re 70 or so yards from the hole and you know you can hit that distance with a certain iron, you want to be able to actually hit that distance when you pick up that iron. You don’t want your 6 or 7 iron to hit the ball sometimes 20 yards farther and sometimes 20 yards closer. Actually knowing and understanding how far each club hits for you is one of the big keys to using golf lessons (or any training for that matter) to help lower your score and better your game.

As far as these golf lessons, let’s look at a few easy tips that will allow you to consistently crush the ball and also to consistently drive the same distances with your irons.

Online Golf Lessons: Consistency Tips

1. It all starts with posture. You must learn to stand in an easy stance of knees bent, back slightly bent, feet perpendicular to the direction of the flight of the ball, and most of your weight on your heels. You’ll need to practice this stance. Online golf lessons can tell you what to do, they just can’t do it for you.

2. As you rotate your hips and swing the club, your body does not change overall position. You don’t swing your hips, nor do you straighten your back except at the end of the shot.

3. What makes the ball go the farthest is the rotation of your hips times with the swing. One of the most important aspects of these online golf lessons is learning to clear the front of your body out of the way, as you rotate through the swing. Do this right and you’ll deliver an enormous amount of power to the swing.

4. Make sure you don’t take your eyes off the ball! Even after it’s hit, keep looking at the grass where the ball was.

5. Don’t try to crush the ball. Implement these online golf lessons and let skill carry your ball, not brute strength.

6. Learn your clubs. Don’t just read these online lessons and go to the course. The driving range is your friend. There you can really learn your clubs.

7. Stretch prior to playing golf. And during your game. Look for good stretches that we recommend for online golf lessons. Use these and increase your range of motion.

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