Paddle Boarding – Leisure Activity Or Extreme Sport?


Historians would suggest, that stand-up paddle boarding could be traced back to the islands within the Polynesian triangle, with its strong Hawaiian heritage this new sport is rapidly gaining popularity. Indigenous tribes would have been seen paddling in hollowed-out logs and tree trunks. Today, the logs are lightweight, colorful and shiny!

Who are those people you’ve seen in the middle of lakes and on our shorelines, who appear to be walking on water? They are people just like you, however they are the fortunate pioneers who have discovered this versatile activity. Paddle boarding can be considered a sport if you choose to “ride” the waves or put some muscle into getting some speed or a leisure activity if you choose to stroll through winding canals as if you were taking a walk or a bike ride through a neighborhood with streets of water. This is an activity that can be experienced alone or as a social experience with friends or family.

This is a sport for everyone – not just those radical gen-x’ers. Paddle boarding is for people who never considered “surfing” or for those who have made surfing their way of life.

The first time you stand on a paddleboard “on” the water you feel completely empowered and have the urge to just GO. The designs of the boards make them so stable that they absorb the “wave action”. All you need is a 15 minute introduction to the various strokes which will then allow you to move through the water easily and with confidence. Within an hour or so you feel as though you have “mastered” the cruise and are ready for some “waves.”

I have been asked on several occasions, “what does it feel like?” The “buzz” resembles the blissful state a child experiences after riding their bicycle for the first time without training wheels and “not falling off.” It is at that moment that you realize that you have discovered a way to enjoy exercise while spending time in the beautiful outdoors and having fun….either alone or with others. Many newbie’s find themselves daydreaming as if they were chief tribal warriors in the islands of Polynesia centuries ago. It’s a trip!

Every time I’m out on a board, curious onlookers shout out…”what is that?” “Is it hard?” “Must be a great workout!” “Where can I get a board like that?” Paddle boarding is versatile, FUN, relaxing and a great workout! Anyone can do it and quite frankly, it’s sexy!

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