The History of Skimboard, in a Few Words


Have you ever seen a skimboard? The chances are that you have even though you might not have identified it as a different sport to surfing. If that is the case, do not say that to skimboarder, they do not tend to appreciate it.

This article will look into three questions you might have about skimboarding if you have never seen it or practiced it yourself. The three questions are, what is a skimboard? Where did the sport originate? And where should you travel to find the ideal waves?

What is it? It is a very flat and thin board made of the lightest and most buoyant materials possible. The shape is like an egg, a very flat egg, with rounded edges on both sides. High technology is used to design the best possible shape to allow athletes to carry out the feats of balance and agility this sport produces.

Where did it all begin? It all began at Laguna beach when some particularly cool life guards would use pieces of wood to slide down the beach. Other kids saw what they did and gave it a try. Soon the activity became a sport and people worldwide were trying this new and fun sport. The 1960s saw the first explosion of this sport from a highly localized activity to a nationwide one. The 1970s pushed to sport all over the world, making it more and more popular.

Where should you go for the best waves? This water sport requires some very specific types of waves. They must be larger and powerful enough while they must break close enough to the water to be reached by the skimboarder.

Where can I find the best waves for a skimboard? The answer is Laguna Beach, and Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico. These are probably the two best areas for skimboarding. The Mexican beach might actually be the best of the two. You can however go to Santa Cruz California, Delaware and the whole of Florida for waves.

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