The Importance of Intention in Golf


What is the most important thing in golf? Is it the grip? The stance? Putting? The short game? Driving? The single most important factor in golf influences all of those things mentioned…it’s ‘Intention’.

The golfer’s intentions influence everything they do on the golf course, and even off it. It influences the goals they set, the clubs they choose, the practice plan they design, the golf coach they get lessons from, even the way they swing the club!

If golf was a drink, then intention would be the glass that holds all the ingredients in place. This being true, the next question is…What is your intention for playing golf? What do you play golf for?

To best answer this question I’ve listed some priming questions below, answering these will help you to become aware of your intention for playing golf:

– When you first played golf, what made you return a second, third and fourth time?
– What motivates you to book a game of golf?
– What is it about golf that wins your attention over other sports and activities?
– If you could only achieve one thing in/from a round of golf, what would it be?
– When you purchase new golf equipment, what do you purchase that for?

Now that you know what your intention for golf is, you want to set goals for your golf aligned with your intention. It’s no good having the intention of enjoyment and then becoming frustrated if you play poorly. What goals can you think of that if achieved, will help you to satisfy your intention for playing golf?

Has your intention for playing golf changed over time? Isn’t that interesting….what happened to change your intention for playing golf? Did you need to manage golf along with other priorities? Did your playing standard change? Is the intention you have for playing golf now the one you want to keep or would you like to change it? These are all important questions.

Below is an example of how intention can change for a golfer over time. The example is of a fictional tour professional, notice how his intention changes over the course of his golf playing career:

Beginning at golf- fun, enjoyment
Getting better/ learning the game- challenge
Competing- satisfaction
Playing professionally- making money
Playing socially again following a professional career- fun, enjoyment

In the above example, notice how the golfer returned to the original intention of playing golf for fun and enjoyment. This fact is something that I believe needs to be recognised by every professional in the golf industry….coaches, professionals, club administrators and even equipment manufacturers. At the end of the day, most golfers set out to play golf for fun and enjoyment. Remembering that can make satisfying that intention so much easier. Would you like to learn accelerated learning strategies for golf? They provide golfers with the opportunity to play their best golf possible with very little practice time, ensuring they play well enough to enjoy the beauty of the game, and maintain an enthusiasm for the game…..keeping it fun and enjoyable.

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