The Sleek New Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP


The new Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP in my humble opinion is one of the best tailgating BBQ grills on the planet. It has a sleek modern design that shows off well at any tailgating activity. It is portable fitting easily in the back of any family wagon, SUV or pickup truck and sets up easily on a table or it’s own stand alone legs and has the power of a full size backyard grill.

Having a good looking grill that others can appreciate is important to any discriminating tailgater. Getting approving glances and comments from fellow tailgaters is a great ego booster which makes the Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP a winner due to it’s modern styling and eye appeal. The red suitcase design with black trim and handles, stainless steel side panels and hooded top are some of the eye catching features that make this stove desirable to any avid tailgater.

A good tailgating grill should be portable enough to easily load and unload from the back of a vehicle. The fact that the Sport Grill is 29″x16″x12″ and weighs less than 60 Lbs. makes it one of the most portable of all the high output 2 burner tailgating grills. The Sport Grill is also very versatile with removable legs for use on a table surface or on its own, free standing. The legs and shelves store under the grill for easy set up and transportation, these features make the Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP one of the best grills available for use at the parking lot of any major sporting event, backyard barbecue or other tailgating or camping activities.

A tailgating grill, along with being portable, should also have the ability to cook a fair amount of food in a reasonable length of time and the Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP is up to the challenge. Don’t let it’s size and portability fool you, this baby has the feel and capacity of a full size backyard grill with a 375 in. cooking surface and two powerful burners that put out an impressive total of 25,000 BTU’s of cooking power that will easily cook thick steaks, tri-tip roasts or a rack of ribs to perfection in no time, along with matchless ignition for easy, effortless starting, giving it’s owner more time to enjoy other tailgating activities and less time spent slaving over a hot grill.

The Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP, with it’s good looks and stylish design that gets it the approving glances and comments of other tailgaters, it’s portability and versatility that makes it easy to load, unload and set up on a table or on it’s own foldout legs and the fact that it has the cooking power and performance of a full size backyard grill so that a full coarse meal can be prepared in relatively short amount of time, is a complete package created specifically for the tailgating enthusiast and in my opinion the ultimate in tailgating sport grills.

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