Understanding the Golf Swing Tempo


The golf swing tempo is certainly one of the most difficult aspects of golf. There is no written standard about it and it differs per golf player. One thing striking about the golf swing tempo is that various individuals have different views about it.

Let us take a closer look on how this bleak aspect of golf should be addressed. Basically, the golf swing tempo is the timing between the backswing and the swing. This is the short pause wherein you take your time to allocate the force needed to hit the golf ball. That short pause is a very decisive moment because this is where the success of the swing depends. Of course, in every situation in golf, time is a factor that should never be underestimated.

Another thing that you may ask then is how fast should every swing be? This is the where contention about golf swing tempo comes into play. Every golf player has a different swing speed. If you were to observe two golf players, you would certainly notice that they employ different timing behind each swing. This is because they use different counting measures that would tell them when to strike. One of them is perhaps using his mind for counting while the other is using an external counting device such as a metronome.

The golf swing tempo should not be contained within the parameters of exact counting. As mentioned earlier, time is a factor that greatly helps a golf player when to strike. However, there are methods in which you can improve your timing so that you not get confused. Here are two:

• Downloadable golf metronome to mobile devices such as an iPhone. There are plenty of phone applications available on the internet that would greatly get your golfing skills in shape. This is not to replace your golfing instincts but rather to polish them.

• Upbeat music. You can even use lively music to polish your golf swing tempo. You can use the beat that the music has and find your timing to hit the golf ball. You can do this during your practice sessions.

These two things are highly recommended if you are going to use external counting measures during practice sessions. This way, you would be able to clearly gauge your timing and the force needed on your swing. You have all the time in the world and do not rush your swings or else it would turn out badly. Golf swing tempo is a significant element in playing golf so be sure to practice it more.

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