Where to Find Cheap Golf Club Sets?


Where to find cheap golf club sets is a question that most people ask who are new to the game of golf. There is a misconception about golf, in that golf is perceived as an expensive sport when in the majority of cases it is not.

Like all sports, golf has its branded premier echelons, Golf Clubs as in where to play golf, what you play with, balls, clothing and peripherals’ such as bags, trolleys etc. but compared to other sports golf equipment is accessible to the majority of people.

Having said that golf equipment in general is not expensive. We all want value for money, which means if you do not want to pay over the odds, you have to shop around. Once upon a time, to get the best value you had to shop around, which meant going from town to town, shop to shop. Alternately you could buy glossy magazines and read articles, or go through adverts to find the best deals. The magazines are still there of course, but a lot of the independent high street golf shops have gone.

A lot of the independent golf shops closed their doors on the high street because they couldn’t compete with the nationals who could sell golf clubs at a lower price because of their buying power. Instead of a bricks and mortar business, the independents set up internet websites. By setting up an internet store they could pass on the savings they made on their overheads and reduce the cost of their golf equipment to consumers.

So where to find cheap golf clubs? I would suggest the internet. You can read, and in many cases watch, a video that describes all the pros and cons of any particular golf club or brand. You can read testimonials from people who have already bought the same clubs you are interested in. You can participate in forums, ask questions, get recommendations and you can do all this without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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