How to Play Squash the Racket Sport


Squash is a racket sport which is played as singles (two players) or doubles (four people). This game is played in an enclosed court. One can use all the four walls for playing. The playing equipment consists of rackets which are traditionally made of laminated wood and a hollow rubber ball. Firmer balls are suggested to be used by advanced players and less firm ones are advised for the beginners.

The sport has its origins in early eighteen hundreds by a school named Harrow School. Later in the 19th century, squash gained recognition by many educational institutes and sports clubs and today it is a very popular sport. Although it is not an Olympic sport yet Squash is accepted by most American schools and is widely played as a competitive and social sport.

Beginners usually start of the game with smashing the ball on the wall. Though this may seem fun to begin with but this is not at all the right strategy to play squash. Correctly measured and angled shots are a better approach and are easier to handle. The best shots are those which are hit very close to the side walls and corners. ‘Dominating the T’ is another key strategy for playing squash wherein the centre of the court is the best place for the player. As a recreational player one should work on learning and mastering different types of shots. A competitive match is much more demanding and needs variety as well as mastering one specific shot.

To gear up for squash, one can either buy squash rackets and other equipment separately or they can go for squash kit bags which include most requirements. Wilson squash kits are one of the brands available in the market; the kit here includes a pair of squash rackets and a set of squash balls.

Most commonly Squash is as a game of arm extension where the player has to constantly swing his arm to make the right hit. Hence, it is important for the player to buy a racket which not only gives the right balance but is also light weight.

To sum up, Squash is a game of strategies. You can adopt an offensive strategy and play on shots close to the floor of the court. The other way is defensive, wherein you use shots that hover high up the court. For a good game of Squash, different court areas should be used to gain advantage over the opponent. Practise is the last keyword. Squash the game and be the winner.

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