Keeping Your Golf Course Energy-Green


It pays to go green nowadays, with the government offering incentives to businesses that clean up their act and opt for safer, environment-friendly operations. If you’re still unaware of the carbon tax, then you’re probably paying more than you have to. The main drive of the carbon tax is to ensure your consumption leans towards renewable resources. If yours still uses coal and natural gas, then you’re not helping out the bandwagon to a cleaner, livable environment. There are several ways you can transform your business into a green enterprise, some costly while others are as simple as turning off computers when you’re not using these.

Going Green on a Golf Course Business

The best demonstration of a clean, green business is on a golf course. Sure, everything looks efficient on the surface, especially when the nature of the sport is relaxed and reserved, and golf balls are the only litter people see on the green. A golf course operates like any other business, though, and you have to ensure the daily operations still meet the standards of efficiency and safety. Course maintenance can be described as obsessive-compulsive at the very least, and you have to ensure the bunker is regularly sifted, the green regularly trimmed. The trees and bushes beyond the fairway have to be pruned to maintain boundaries. This requires the use of equipment and machinery that runs on gas and oil.

Maintaining Facilities with Clean Alternatives

It can’t be helped, but you have to maintain your facilities with a measure of non-renewable resources. The least that you can do is opt for greener alternatives in power. Your amenities could be powered in part by renewable sources like solar energy, and many utilities provider offer this option as part of their available services. At present, you can use renewable alternatives as supplements instead of replacements, but the difference this makes in the long-run is beneficial to your operations and to the environment.

Energy-Efficiency in Transport

You’ll have to shuttle patrons to and from venues, and through course holes. Golf carts are necessities, but you don’t have to settle for diesel-powered cars to accommodate clients. Electric carts are the ideal combination because the speed limit is perfect for a golf course. You’ll have to make a significant investment if you’re shifting to electric cars for your fleet, but the advantage is you’re doing this sooner rather than later. The carbon tax is in full swing soon, and you’re better off anticipating the consequence of neglect, go as green as you can in all aspects of your business’s operations.

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