Practice at an Indoor Driving Range


Every good golfer must have a good indoor driving range in which to practice. The reason to have this type of range is probably obvious, you need a place to practice in case of inclement weather. Indoor ranges are great for those rainy weekends or just for when it is too cold outside to practice. Here are a few practice exercises you can do while at your local indoor driving range.

Closest to the Pin

This is a great game that you can play with you golfing buddies at the indoor driving range. You both grab a bucket of balls and you start with the closest flag (which is probably twenty five yards) and you see who can get the closest to the pin. Once you have played through the farthest pin on the range, you add up your flags and the player with the most flags wins. Usually the loser has to buy the next round but that is purely optional.

Some indoor driving ranges today are equipped with electronic scoring devices which will let you know which player has gotten closest to the pin. This take much of the guess work out the game. This game is fun but will also start to shape your mid range shots very nicely.

Practice Staying Down on the Ball

Many players find themselves topping the golf ball. This means that when they swing, their club head actually comes down on the top of the ball rather than striking the ball at the correct point. This can lead to many of your balls not getting the proper lift and a bunch of headaches along the way.

Well, the solution is to practice staying down on the ball. When a golfer tops the ball, it is often because his/her body is raising up as the club is approaching the ball in anticipation following the balls path once it is struck. Practice keeping your head down as long as you can after you strike the ball. Keeping your head down will allow your body to stay in its proper place and make for better golf shots.

Hopefully these simple golf tips have helped you in some way. Make sure that you go and find a good indoor driving range (preferably with an electronic scoring device) so that you can get some good practice in, even in inclement weather. Every good golfer needs one.

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