How to Buy Golf Equipment


If you’ve never gone out and purchased golf equipment before, shopping around for the greatest equipment out there can be confusing and daunting. There are just so many kinds of products and services on the market to consider: tees, balls, shoes, shirts, clubs, training, drivers, woods, wedges, and putters, not to mention where you should play (public or private) and how you should go about learning the game.

The first thing you need to consider when selecting good golf equipment is how often you’ll be playing the game. Are you seriously learning the game or just toying around? If you’d like to learn the game, then this is the right place for you. It can be a very expensive hobby. Equipment can be expensive too when you add it all up, but it doesn’t have to be. Of course if money is not a problem, then you’d already be at the nearest pro shop with the latest and greatest in attire and quality equipment. But that’s not why you meandered onto this site.

So, now you’ve determined that you want to play the game a couple of times a week in the summer (or when the weather’s good). The first piece of advice we can offer is this: you don’t need to go overboard in the beginning. If you’ve never played before, going out and purchasing the latest Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer designer bags and balls and tees could be very expensive, and you could end up being like Mark Twain who said, “Golf is just a long walk ruined.” You need to actually play the game a few times to see if you have “the bug” or not. Ask those who play regularly when exactly they got the bug. When you get the bug, that’s the time to seek out quality equipment. Trust us on that.

Our next piece of advice is to get a few necessary items: balls, tees, a driver, and a putter. You don’t need the shoes, gloves, shirts, or anything else. The next thing we suggest is that you find the best teacher (a pro) you can afford and take a few lessons before you consider buying anything else. I know it doesn’t fit into the “equipment” category, but in order to play the game well, you need excellent instruction (asking your buddies to teach you can get tedious for you and for them. And if you want to keep them as buddies…). And why not surprise them the next time you don your shoes?

There you have it, our first post on buying quality links equipment. Our next one will discuss how to find good equipment (and cheaper than what you might think).

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