The DIRECTV International Channels Guide


DIRECTV caries a number of foreign broadcast channels. Here’s a guide to DIRECTV International channels.

DIRECTV International Channels

DIRECTV features satellite TV programming and music in 13 languages – Arabic, Brazilian, Caribbean, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Some of the more popular channels include:

Arabic Channels – Movies, music, and news on 5 channels including Rotana Cinema, Rotana Moossika, and Orbit Seen.

Brazilian Channels – Sports, news, comedy and talk shows on 4 channels including PFC, TV Globo, and Band International.

Chinese Channels – News, entertainment, variety shows, and music on 10 channels including Phoenix, CTI Zhong Tian, and TVB 1, 2, and S.

Italian Channels – News, soccer, entertainment, and world events on 4 channels including Fox Soccer, GOL TV, and SkyTG24.

Russian Channels – News, documentaries, talk shows, movies, and music on 6 channels including Vesti, C1RW, Dom Kino, and Muzika Pervigo.

Spanish Channels – Music, news, variety shows, soap operas, talk shows, and movies on 45 TV channels and 7 music channels including CNN en Espanol, Discovery Familia, Fox Sports en Espanol, Mexico 22, Telemundo, TVC Sports, and Univision.

Vietnamese Channels – Sports, variety shows, movies, news, talk shows, and music on 5 channels including Saigon Network, VHN-TV, TVB Vietnam, and Little Saigon Radio.

International Channel Prices

DIRECTV international channels are sold as single channels or as packages of two or more channels, with prices starting at $14.99 a month. To order an international package you must first subscribe to DIRECTV Basic ($9.99 a month), DIRECTV Preferred Choice, or any other DIRECTV package.

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