Support Your Sports Team With Rubber Wristbands


As summer heat gives way to autumn’s chill, many American sports fans have one thing on their minds: football. As one of America’s favorite pastimes, football offers people two different opportunities-to be spectators or to be players. From youth flag-football leagues to high school teams all the way to college and professional teams, there are many levels of players. And even if they play, people across the country also love to also watch the sport. All ages of fans turn on the TV or head to the local high school, college, or professional stadium from September to January to see their favorite teams in action.

No matter whether they’re players or spectators, people love to let the world know who their favorite team is. They get involved by going to games, tailgating before and cheering wildly during. Parents use bumper stickers or other items to show support for their youth league or high school team; people of all ages wear replica jerseys or logo hoodies to represent their favorite college or professional team. To become even more involved with how well a high school or youth team can do, some people will organize fundraisers so the team can enjoy great equipment and higher-end uniforms. Here are a couple of unique ideas for how best to show your team spirit and for how to have a successful youth football fundraiser.

If you want a fun, cool way to accessorize your look, consider wristbands. Made of 100% silicone, they can be designed in a variety of colors. So imagine this: if your team’s colors are blue and orange, you have lots of choices. You could get one blue and one orange wristband and wear them on the same wrist on one on either wrist. Or you could get a wristband with segmented colors, half orange and half blue. For even more eye-catching pop and talk value, you could get one in a swirl pattern. Or go for a more subtle look with blue on the outside and orange on the inside. On top of all that, you can add your team’s name in print right on the band. The options are truly endless, and with a unique wristband like that on your arm, you’ll be marked as a committed fan for sure.

What’s even better is that those same wristbands can be the base for a popular and successful fundraiser. Youth leagues and high school teams need extra money for equipment, uniforms, and travel to distant (even out of state!) games. Wristbands can be the backbone of an effort to raise money for fan buses, team hotels, or other necessary expenses. They can be customized with your particular team’s colors, logo, and rally cry, which will make them a “must have” for the team’s fans. Wristbands are popular for all ages-from kids to parents to grandparents-so you’ll be bound to sell many before and during games. Plus, because you can order them for lower prices in bulk, you’ll make even more money on each one you sell. And you could even consider getting coordinating key chains, slap bands, and silicone rings. Your team’s fans will go wild with silicone accessories, and your fundraiser will be well on its way to success. Just remember to always be creative and have fun with your team spirit look!

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