The Cross – Self Improvement Base “The Cross,” an Amarillo Outreach Ministry For Homeless, Set Afire


“The Cross” is a self-improvement base located in Amarillo, Texas. It’s an Outreach Ministry for veterans, homeless people without money, and the unemployed; all of whom want to find work. It serves the community, and the surrounding area, where citizens looking for helpers can readily fine workers.

The Amarillo Globe “Police Briefs” headlines read, “Police suspect arson in Outreach Ministry” being set afire on Wednesday, January 27, 2009. The ramifications of it being set afire, as reported by the Amarillo Globe News, is the focus of this commentary.

Police investigators told Pastor Gary Burd that a criminal report was filed at 3 PM, according to the Amarillo Globe. It said that “a disgruntled client” might have set The Cross (known also as the “City of Refuge” Outreach Ministry) afire.

But there are two altogether different explanations.

Casey Dumas–an Outreach Ministry pastor at The Cross who teaches the good new of Christ to our veterans & homeless people of Amarillo, and to all who attend his daily sermons–said that it might have been set afire by the estranged husband of a volunteer, who works there.

Or, he said, it could’ve been an acquaintance of the volunteer’s husband who was tying to frame her husband for doing it, in an act of revenge; since arson investigation uncovered evidence of premeditation, rather than The Cross being set afire in a spontaneous act of passion.

The motivation–whether The Cross was set afire in an act of passion or one of revenge–is irrelevant to the theme of this article, which is the mission of The Cross to help the needy and our veterans find work, and a base for spreading the Good News of Christ.

Dumas said that the investigation is ongoing. He indicated that The City of Refuge Outreach Ministry has no plans to initiate arson charges against anyone over The Cross being set afire.

The Cross, a Base For Veterans to Find Work

I’ve heard radio host Michael Savage demean veterans and homeless people for excreting human waste in business areas of San Francisco. But he gave no solution to the problem, like how to help the homeless find work, other than incarceration.

“The Cross” in Amarillo has a solution to homeless people needing to heed the call of nature. It has a public restroom, which is available to:

  • Our veterans,
  • Homeless people,
  • Anyone who wants to find work.

Think of the alternative. It reeks. What would happen if “The Cross” were forced to close its doors, due to lack of funding?

Outreach Ministry

The quick response by the Amarillo Fire Department prevented major damage to it. “The Cross” continues to serve our veterans and homeless people, as reported by the Amarillo Globe News.

Dumas indicated that The City of Refuge Outreach Ministry has no plans to initiate arson charges against anyone over The Cross being set afire.

The Amarillo Globe reported that The Cross Outreach Ministry, which is operated by Christian Heritage Church, feeds breakfast to Amarillo’s veterans and homeless people. Our veterans, citizens of Amarillo, and homeless people have a place to wait–at The Cross–while they seek day labor.

Self-Improvement Base

“The Cross” offers Amarillo’s veterans and homeless people the following self-improvement services:

  • Daily Devotionals and Prayers,
  • Continental Style Breakfast and Sack Lunch to go,
  • Family Pantry Boxes are distributed,
  • Employment Counseling,
  • Free Referrals for Multiple Needs,
  • Clothing Distribution,
  • Hygiene Products Distribution,
  • Access to Phone, Fax, and Copier,
  • Bibles and Christian Literature,
  • Mail/Message Posted and Announced for Retrieval,
  • Outreach Ministry for the Hospitalized and the Incarcerated.

“The Cross” does much more than help Amarillo’s homeless people. Amarillo’s veterans can request assistance for self-improvement with:

  • Benefits,
  • Counseling,
  • War Trauma Recovery Program (Planned for the near future).

Several homeless people at The Cross said that they have plans for self-improvement, after they find work to pay for GED classes.

The Cross being set afire could be a detriment to the noble work that it does, if the decent people of Amarillo quit making charitable contributions to it because of the evil deed.

Or, Amarillo citizens–and maybe even people from around the world–could increase support for The Cross due to publicity, which resulted from it being set afire. Please support The Cross Outreach Ministry base for our veterans and homeless people because it is a valuable service to the community and surrounding area.

“Your money, or your life.” We know what to do when a burglar makes this demand of us, but not when God does. ~ Mignon McLaughlin

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