The Whirlpool WFW 9200 SQ Duet Sport Review


The Whirlpool WFW 9200 SQ Duet Sport is one of the many products offered by one of the worlds most renowned appliance stores in the country. Whirlpool offers a quality that is unmatched in the appliance industry. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of major appliances with brands that prove their quality through bold designs and global trust, buying your appliances from whirlpool is an easy process.

The Benefits

The Whirlpool WFW 9200 SQ Duet Sport comes with many wonderful benefits for all of your clothes washing needs. The washer comes with the care control temperature management, which uses it built-in sensors to ensure that your water is warm enough to make sure that your fabrics are getting the proper care. This amazing washer uses a three tray system that has places for you to put your detergent, fabric softener and bleach, giving you the ease for adding these products to your wash.

With factory pre-set cycles that include delicate, normal, casual, heavy duty, whites, and quick wash, you will be able to find the perfect wash cycle for your clothing. The washing machine cleans itself, eliminating odors and buildup that can occur.

The Whirlpool WFW 9200 SQ Duet Sport will even allow you to wash up to 10 loads of Jeans using one single load. The state of the art machine helps your clothing look great; it is even gentle enough to wash your hand washable delicates. The Duet Sport has a 3.4 cubit feet washing machine with 7 wash cycles. It also comes with a 10 inch non functional pedestal with a drawer and laundry basket included. The average price is 999.99, which is a highly competitive price, comparable in price to many of the washers available and the added incentive of top notch craftsmanship and quality.

The Matching Dryer

This incredible machine comes with many accessories, the number one accessory that this offers is its pair, the Whirlpool WED 9200 SQ is a 7 cubit ft, electric dryer with 7 cycles and temperatures along with the great benefit of the noise reduction system. It can be bought together or separately. This dryer is a quality product that compliments the Duet Sport washing machine.

What Customers have to say?

Customers have raved over the Whirlpool WFW 9200 SQ, saying that is easy to use, it has great value and it performs well. Most people have found no complaint and have said that all the special features are absolutely amazing. They will also point out that customer service is above average when you need help, these customers would absolutely recommend you run right out and buy the product.

However, as great as the product is, some customers are simply not happy with it. Even though you can wash many loads of clothing that it jumps out of balance, since many people are making this complaint it would stand to reason, that a company selling a $1000 product could look into this problem and fix it.

If you have heard about the WFW 9200 SQ Duet Sport, and you probably heard all the bad points, but in the companies defense, there are very few of the bad complaint where are there are thousands of people who are extremely happy with their product.

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