Successful Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing


As Bob Hope said about golf “If you watch a game it is fun. If you play it, it is recreation. If you work at it, it is golf”. This particularly applies to the golf swing.

A perfect golf swing is produced by good technique and seems effortless, it is made up of a set of movements that result in the club striking the ball in exactly the right way. There is only one way to improve your swing and that is lots of practice, but if you approach things with the right attitude you will improve.

It has been said that one way to recognise a great swing is to see how missed shots work out, if they still produce an acceptable result you have a good swing. It is really amazing to see how the body performs when executing a good golf swing both from a mechanical and physical stand point the increased power in the swing results in extra golf club head speed, and a longer shot. Most golf players will agree that their swing is something they are constantly trying to improve and it something they will always be trying to improve. A full golf swing is a highly complex and in many ways an unnatural action for the body to perform and requires constant practice to hopefully get right.

It is accepted by most golf players that a good swing may seem effortless but this is only achieved by applying good technique, which comes from lots of practice. The application of lots of practice will help you to develop what a lot of golf professionals call muscle memory, this means that you will perform the same swing every time. By developing a near perfect swing and using the correct grip your game is bound to improve.

I think it is fair to say that the only thing that can produce a perfect golf swing every time with out fail is Iron Byron, (Iron Byron is a robot named after the great player Byron Nelson and is used by the United States Golf Association to test gold clubs and golf balls). By watching the Iron Byron strike a golf ball you will understand what the perfect swing is and how the component parts of the swing work together. The perfect golf swing results in the bottom of the ball being hit in exactly the right manner by the head of the golf club, once you have developed that swing practice and develop it, practice makes permanent.

How to improve your swing seems to be a thought that is on the mind of golfers many times per day, if you want to reduce strokes off your game the best way is to get help to improve your swing. There are hundreds if not thousands of books, videos, gadgets and tools around to help you improve your golf swing. Perhaps one of the best things to use is a video camera, it is an effective tool to help you improve your swing technique get a friend or your coach to video your action and compare it to videos of the professionals. Many of these videos can show you the right techniques to improve your swing, and give you the key to success in this sport.

The proper swing is not hard to learn but it does take a lot of practice. The key to transforming your swing is transforming your body by constant practice. A swing in many ways is just as demanding as a baseball swing or a jump shot, but many golfers don’t exercise or train to improve their golf swing timing. Building a sound golf swing with a good understanding of the principles of the golf swing is important for your overall performance. As I said earlier one of the best ways to improve your golf swing is to watch the swing positions of your favorite professional. Your swing is very dependent on your physique, personal strengths, and natural tendencies. Your golf swing is the main thing that defines you as a golfer.

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